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‘Brand Pakistan’ initiative must not be delayed further!

‘Brand Pakistan’ initiative must not be delayed further!

by Ahmad Shafiq

Tourism circles know it well that the Government of Pakistan, quite some time back, had announced to brand Pakistan across the world by spreading some catchy slogans narrating the beauty of Pakistan. Since it was a wonderful idea and could prove to be the game changer for the sectors of hospitality and tourism in Pakistan, everybody related to these fields pinned hopes and started waiting for the materialization of this initiative conceptualized by the tourism departments of the country. Unfortunately, like other plans of the government, the idea of branding Pakistan is also falling a pray to the mismanagement and lack of interest on the part of the relevant authorities. It is undoubtedly a fact that Prime Minister Imran Khan endorses the uplift of tourism in Pakistan like no one else has ever done as the prime minister of the country but at the very same time, actions must speak louder than words.

The prime minister’s aide, addressing a press conference on Sunday, said that Pakistan will host the World Tourism Forum in 2021, announcing that the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) has completed its work related to the reformation of the tourism sector.

“We have formulated a comprehensive policy on tourism from 2020 to 2030 and with that we have also introduced a five-year action plan. Like other countries, Pakistan has launched a programme to promote tourism which was delayed due to the coronavirus,” he said.

Bukhari said that tourism ministers from eight countries, including Iran and Turkey, will visit Pakistan in line with the government’s initiative to reform the tourism sector.

The prime minister must speed up the pace of the institutions working on the uplift of tourism in Pakistan so that all the stakeholder of this sector may get the possible benefits a bit quick. All the countries who are benefiting from the tourism sector are branding themselves across the globe. They have developed interesting and popular slogans which help them spread their message and invite tourists from all sides. Pakistan is naturally beautiful and has got a huge potential in hospitality and tourism. Proper and systematic branding these sectors can do wonders as it will not only bring international tourists to the country but will also add to the national exchequer.

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