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Brand Pakistan Is Welcome To Prime Minister Imran Khan

Brand Pakistan Is Welcome To Prime Minister Imran Khan

The news of brand Pakistan inauguration has been making waves out there for quite some time that Prime Minister Imran Khan is going to inaugurate the brand Pakistan with a catchy tag line to attract the world to enjoy tourism in Pakistan. It is being said that the prime minister would launch the initiative at Pakistan Pavilion, World Dubai Expo 2020 soon. It has also been reported that Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Tourism Azam Jamil has also recently visited the expo to see the preparations in this regard.

All the hospitality and tourism enthusiasts in Pakistan are anxiously waiting for the launch of this project as it would get international tourists into Pakistan that would ultimately increase local business and job opportunities.  Where brand Pakistan initiative is being welcomed at every forum in Pakistan, at the very same time there are some concerns which need to be addressed by the Government of Pakistan.

After the launch of brand Pakistan, international tourists would be expected to come in high numbers. So, the very first thing that need to be worked on is the uplift if existing tourist places. The government is increasing the number of tourist sites in the country so that tourists might have more options but the element of maintenance of these sites is a big concern. All the policies which have been devised and developed so far must be executed and implemented in letter and spirit. It must be kept in mind that before making profits from the tourism, we need to standardize our tourist sites with proper policies and regulations for foreign tourists specially.

I believe that if all goes right and the government unveils brand Pakistan with all its pomp and show, Pakistan would definitely be able to exploit its huge tourism potential very soon.

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