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British Airways offers Iftar during Ramadan

British Airways offers Iftar during Ramadan

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One of the most well-known airlines in Europe, British Airways, has announced that it will serve Iftar meals to Muslim passengers throughout Ramadan.

A meal will be saved for passengers by the cabin crew until they may open their fasts, and the airline will provide dates and laban (buttermilk) to those who are fasting. British Airways’ Regional Commercial Manager for the Middle East and Pakistan, Panagiotis Theodotou, claims that they are aware of the importance of Ramadan for many of their clients. The airline has therefore chosen to provide in-flight iftar to and from London.

British Airways has enhanced its brand image among Muslim customers by providing these Iftar dinners. This is a wise decision that many of the airline’s passengers who will be travelling during Ramadan will definitely appreciate.

Iftar lunches are offered to Muslim travellers on a number of different airlines throughout Ramadan. Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, PIA, Saudia, and other airlines fall under this category. Passengers who are fasting are given dates, water, and other food items, and the cabin crew makes an announcement informing them of the Iftar hour.


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