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Cheezious PakistanA place where you enjoy food & service both

Cheezious Pakistan
A place where you enjoy food & service both

If you want to enjoy fast food and that also in a fine dining style, Cheezious Pakistan is the first as well as last option

Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri
by Fraaz Kasuri

Cheezious Pakistan was the name I was hearing from everywhere as it had become the talk of town right after the opening of its first branch in Lahore. For quite some time, I had been thinking of paying a visit to Cheezious just to know what was so special about the fast food brand.

On a pleasant Sunday around 4PM, we the family planned to eat out at Cheezious Pakistan’s main outlet that is located at the Joher Town’s G1 Market. As I had already heard about the waiting queues at Cheezious, I got my seat reserved on the rooftop before leaving the home.

As expected, the parking area was full but the valet team was courteous enough to handle the situation without any hesitation. As soon as I told the restaurant manager about my reservation, a royal treatment of its kind just started off; beautiful Cheezious balloons were gifted to my kids. The floor manager with a pleasing smile escorted us to the lift and then to the reserved table; impressive by the way.

Cheezious Pizza
Cheezious Pizza

A boy along the table was already waiting for us as if we were his personal guests. As we got settled there, he respectfully offered the menu and waited until we made him write the order. As starters, we ordered Cheezious Behari Spin Rolls, Flaming Wings and Nuggets while, in the main course, we ordered Cheezy Tikka Pizza, Fried Chicken, Euro Sandwich and Flaming Wings. The order was served a little earlier than the promised time. To our surprise, the freshness, quality, hygiene, presentation, and taste of the food was matchless; everything served had different aroma and flavor. Even the sauces and ketchup were also exclusively developed with unique Cheezious recipes. We had our food in leisure and enjoyed every second spent at the restaurant. The boy who was attending us specially came to us twice just to ask about our experience at the place; great job.

Cheezious Burger
Cheezious Burger

The atmosphere at the restaurant was also very calm and pleasant. All the tables were booked but there was no rush inside; guest management was being done quite amicably. To cut it short, we not only loved the food but also enjoyed the service offered by Cheezious Pakistan.

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