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Chocolate Academy hosts young chocoholics

Chocolate Academy hosts young chocoholics

by Noor ul Ain Ali

Passion is a fundamental requirement when pursuing a career in chocolate, and when that passion is backed by the opportunities such as an experience to work with international chocolatiers as Pakistan’s first ever Chocolate and Pastry Academy kicked off.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Ahmad Shafiq said, “Just like they say a great book has the ability to change the course of anyone’s life for the good, this platform is equipped with the best of distilled knowledge from the legendary chefs across the globe.”

The range of courses here at Chocolate Academy is well-designed to help learners imbibe various techniques and intricacies that will assist them in improving their overall chocolate and pastry skills.

The academy’s professional kitchen was staffed by third- and fourth-graders. Under the supervision of expert chocolatier, these young chefs learnt how to temper the chocolate and fill the molds and decorate their dipped goodies as they made delicious chocolate treats to share together.

The workshop, which began in an activity room and end in the kitchen, touched on academy’s key values: good nutrition, creativity and appreciation of preparing the food and eating together.

Chocolate Workshop

But before the kids could get their hands on chocolate, they needed to get ready. In a quick transition between the end of the fun activity and the beginning of their chocolate making workshop, the kids set up in the waiting area, helped each other little apron strings and floppy chefs hats. They stood in groups of two and three, giggling at each other and saying, “You look good” with a hint of teasing.

Once properly dressed, the young chefs were escorted to the kitchen. In a brisk 15-minute lesson, the chocolatier led the class through a discussion of chocolate history, ingredients and techniques. The workshop concluded with chocolate tasting session.

The chocolate academy plans to host an open house quite soon, so families can visit the facility, meet staff and try out some of the projects. The organization also hopes to expand to other major cities in coming years.

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