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‘Degree with skills’ is need of the hour: Mian Aslam Iqbal

‘Degree with skills’ is need of the hour: Mian Aslam Iqbal

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Industries, Commerce & Investment Minister Mian Muhammad Aslam Iqbal has termed Degree with skills as need of the hour.

According to the details, Mian Muhamamd Aslam Iqbal, while addressing the students at College of Tourism & Hotel Management’s (COTHM) annual convocation said that today’s student must have Degree with skills while studying at an institution.

Mian Aslam Iqbal said the PTI government would provide quality flour to the masses through flour chakkis at official price. Urban Unit will undertake survey of flour chakkis; Food Department will do the registration while Industries and Trade Department will perform the duties of coordination. Soft loans will also be provided for setting up new flour chakkis. The pilot project of registration of chakkis and setting up new ones will be launched from Lahore.

While taking about the progress on the setting up of new model bazaars, the minister directed that decision to remain model bazaars open for the whole week should be implemented. He said the the skill of handicrafts would be kept alive and all possible encouragement and assistance would be provided to the artisans. The marketing of handicrafts will be done from the platform of Punjab

Providing employment opportunities was the responsibility of the government but everybody could not be adjusted in the government sector, he said adding that youth should go for diverse opportunities in the private sector and enlighten the name of Pakistan.

He further said that COTHM was doing a wonderful job by providing the students with an atmosphere where they could get hands on practice before entering the practical field.

He also said that the government was always ready to support the private sector in bringing out new employment opportunities for the Pakistani youth.

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