Sunday, May 19, 2024
Delay in brand Pakistan initiative: Who is at loss?

Delay in brand Pakistan initiative: Who is at loss?

 Any sector, institution or field can never flourish on national or international levels unless it is backed by a strong strategy and well-thought-out planning. Tourism in Pakistan is also such a sector which needs to be strategized and planned in a proper way. PTI government has been promoting this sector throughout its tenure but nothing solid has come out yet. Brand Pakistan initiative which was scheduled to be launched in the month of March is again in hot waters as such initiatives are very much associated with the political stability in the country. The induction of permanent managing director in Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) is another hitch in policy making and matters of organizational development.

These two matters have actually become permanent issues which should be resolved on emergency basis to uplift the sector of tourism in Pakistan and globally. One thing that needs to be understood by all is that nothing but the field of tourism itself is at loss due to the delay in brand Pakistan initiative. An independent institutional system should be evolved in which all the tasks are assigned and achieved within an automated time frame. If we attach everything with political influences, nothing good can be achieved as a lot of things are to be done on so many fronts. It is my humble suggestion to all those who are at the helm of affairs that seriously consider the sector of tourism in Pakistan as a major contributor to the national exchequer and do the needful for the uplift of this sector.

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