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Diet Studio holds one-day Ramadan Special Workshop

Diet Studio holds one-day Ramadan Special Workshop

To create awareness about healthy eating in the holy month of Ramadan, Diet Studio arranged a one-day workshop to guide the participants on weight maintenance and control of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Renowned Chef and trainer Usama Asghar guided the participants about the healthy food intake in suhoor and iftar. Ten recipes in total were cooked including main courses, snacks, desserts and healthy drinks. Guidelines like how to stay hydrated by consuming plenty of water, hydrating foods like watermelon, cucumber, tomato etc. and avoiding drinks like tea, fizzy drinks, and coffee etc. were also shared in the session.

Chef Usama said through diet studio that, in suhoor, slow-energy releasing foods should be consumed to last through the fasting hours. Fruits, vegetables, chickpeas, lentils, beans, unsalted nuts, olives, salmon are wholesome meals providing enough energy to last till iftar, he added.

He further said that energy levels can be replenished by having balanced iftar like dates, vegetables, whole grains, and grilled meat and avoiding processed and fried food (i.e. high in sugar or fat).

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