Thursday, September 28, 2023
Education in Pakistan must be shifted to a ‘degree with skills’ model

Education in Pakistan must be shifted to a ‘degree with skills’ model

by Ahmad Shafiq

Education is the most important part in a human being’s life as it not only civilizes an individual but also enables him/her to earn for his family and contribute to the national exchequer.

Here in Pakistan, the education system is neither civilizing the students nor is it preparing them for future financial challenges. At our school, colleges and universities, we have never upgraded the teaching methodologies and pedagogies on the modern lines.

A major portion of the assessments is based on subjective questions and the students keep cramming the whole year to pass with flying marks. In the race of getting high marks, the element of practical training goes missing and when a student even with high grades enters the practical market, he/she fails to perform the required duties.

There is a dire need to upgrade our education system to the modern lines and a big chunk of practical training must be added at every level of education so that the graduates might come up to the expectations of the employers.

We need to realize that the world is changing fast and every new day brings new revelations and challenges. If we do not upgrade our teaching pedagogies today, we shall not be able to compete with the world tomorrow.

‘Degree with Skills’ is the model that needs to be followed in Pakistan so that our youth after completing its education must be able to go for some startup ideas or contribute to the uplift of some organization as employees.

If we go successful in producing skilled youth, not only local but foreign opportunities would also be explored that would ultimately ease the financial pressure on the national economy.

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