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Food ChampCOTHM arranges cooking competitions at Emporium Mall

Food Champ
COTHM arranges cooking competitions at Emporium Mall

HP Newsroom

COTHM Pakistan & Dubai and Emporium Mall arranged cooking competitions at the Emporium Mall, Lahore first time in its history from November 15 to 17, 2019. The competitions which were attended by a large number of females were organised not only to introduce women to the modern cuisine but also to provide those women who are associated with the food business with such a platform where they could polish their skills. Students from various girls’ colleges also participated in the event while pubic in general appreciated the events. COTHM COO Zaheer Ahmad, while talking to media, said “the purpose behind arranging such activities is to empower the women in our society so that they may play an important role for the uplift of the hospitality industry in Pakistan.


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