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Gandhara heritage exhibition continues to promote Pak-China tourism

Gandhara heritage exhibition continues to promote Pak-China tourism

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To encourage travel between the two nations, Pakistan and China organised the exhibition “Gandhara History along the Silk Road,” which is still on display at the Palace Museum in Beijing. Hu Heping, the Minister for Culture and Tourism (MCT), officially opened the exhibition, which will run for three months. The exhibition will feature artefacts and Gandhara objects that have been given by prominent museums in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Taxila, and Karachi, Pakistan.

An exhibition organised by the Palace Museum, Department of Archaeology and Museums, China, and National Heritage and Cultural Division, Pakistan, featured a variety of artefacts, sculptures, and other items that were representative of the Gandharan culture, according to a press release from Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC). 14 million people visit the Palace Museum each year. The exhibition will serve as a starting point for bettering geopolitical ties between the two nations.

Also, it would help Pakistan’s tourism industry grow. The ceremony was attended by a sizable number of Pakistani expatriates living in China, Chinese government representatives, and others. At the Palace Museum in Beijing, more than 170 works of art brought from different Pakistani museums will be on display. Fareena Mazhar, federal secretary of the ministry’s division of national heritage and culture, stated at the time that the exhibition will strengthen ties between the two countries by demonstrating mutual understanding.

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