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Heli service launched in Kashmir to promote tourism

Heli service launched in Kashmir to promote tourism

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President Dr Arif Alvi has launched Kashmir Air’s commercial helicopter flight operations in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) on Tuesday as part of an effort to promote tourism in the region.

Addressing the launching ceremony of Kashmir Air in Bagh, the president stated that the AJK was endowed with immense natural beauty and tourism potential, and that the private sector should step forward to develop the AJK’s tourism sector to its full potential. Kashmir Air is a private company that plans to launch commercial helicopter flights to AJK and northern Pakistan to transport tourists.

He stated that tourism has become a mainstay of many developing economies around the world and is regarded as a valuable source of foreign exchange, job creation, growth stimulation, and reduction of economic disparities. He advocated for an integrated approach to tourism planning in AJK, noting that a careful assessment of the economic, social, and environmental impacts of tourism on the region, as well as the establishment of linkages between stakeholders, businesses, resources, and tourism activities, should be conducted.

He stated that the use of IT tools and artificial intelligence could aid in the development and promotion of the tourism sector in AJK by marketing the state’s tourism assets and providing information, online booking services, and tourism packages to domestic and foreign tourists.

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