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Nisa Sultan CEO, Want To Take My Brand Nationwide

Nisa Sultan CEO, Want To Take My Brand Nationwide

What is the specialty of Nisa Sultan?

Nisa Sultan has a specialised limited menu- thus all our items on the menu are extremely special and vital to the Turkish culture. We at Nisa specialise in authentic Turkish BBQ, authentic Turkish Döner Kebab, and Authentic Turkish Pide which is a kind of flat bread pizza. All our items on the menu are prepared and marinated in special herbs and spices that we specially import from Turkey in order to provide the authentic and perfect taste.

How do you describe your experience of selling Turkish cuisine in Pakistan?

Initially, when we started this business of Turkish cuisine in Pakistan, people were not much familiar with the flavours of Turkish food. People didn’t quite understand that aroma and taste of lamb – but now after being in the market for eight years – people have developed such a keen fondness for our food that we literally have so many clients who come to us minimum thrice a week to eat our food and they now especially love the lamb items.

What are the challenges a restaurateur faces in Pakistan?

In my opinion, the biggest challenge I had to face as a restaurateur in Pakistan was finding qualified staff and then giving them the required training. Due to the fact that we at Nisa try our level best to maintain international standards therefore we in return expect a lot from our staff performance. But God has always been kind enough to us by giving us the best teams.

How has covid-19 changed the dynamics of food business in Pakistan?

Covid-19 has been a very challenging time for everyone not only in Pakistan but all over the world. When it comes to food business, I believe that due to Covid-19, the concepts of outdoor dining, car dining and rooftop dining etc. have increased greatly all over the world. Above all, people now want to go into rather simpler, smaller and more casual concepts of restaurants rather than fine dining concepts.

What are your future plans?

My future plan – God willing – is to take my brand nationwide!

Your message for the readers?

Always believe in yourself – gain confidence in your brand and in your product and always believe that there is nothing you can’t do! When there is a will, there is always a way! God bless!

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