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Industry needs certified food safety professionals

Industry needs certified food safety professionals

 by Areena Asif

As a Food Technologist, I believe that having a professional degree only is not enough for your educational career. It would be best if you have different international trainings & certifications which add to your practical skills and would allow you to become prominent among others. Choose training and certifications according to your educational background. After completing my BS in ‘Food Sciences & Technology’, I always really wanted to do something that was in demand by the employers in the food industry. Therefore, I started exploring this area further and one day I came to know about a British awarding body that is offering 200+ qualifications/trainings named British Qualifications & Certifications. It’s a UK-based British certification that is providing training/certification in Food Safety professionals, Nutrition & Health, HACCP, Auditing & Inspection, Allergens and many more.

COTHM Pakistan has taken the initiative by providing these trainings in Pakistan; the college has trained instructors for these certifications. COTHM Pakistan provides British certifications which offer an extensive range of international food safety qualifications. Food safety qualifications range from level 1 to level 4 and are internationally recognized as a mark of excellence. Certification entry criteria vary according to food safety professionals levels. After obtaining the food safety qualifications, employees who handle food will gain a good understanding and the importance of food safety and knowledge of the systems, techniques, and procedures involved in producing safe food. Furthermore, they will have the knowledge to deliver quality food safely to customers.

Following are the Levels of Food Safety that are available at COTHM:

  • Food Safety Level 1 (For Beginners)
  • Food Safety Level 2 (For High-Risk Food Handlers)
  • Food Safety Level 3 (For supervisors & Jr. Managers)
  • Food Safety Level 4 (For Sr. Managers & Executive Chefs)

After completing these food safety trainings, you’ll come to know about the right way to handle the food. It is known to all that the risk of food spoilage becomes less if people are aware of the right storage temperature for a specific food. So, the trainings mentioned above in this write-up will help the oragnisations to cut down their wastage of food premises that may impact the profits positively. On the other hand, employees will also gain better understanding and appreciation for their job roles.


About author

Areena Asiff has done graduation in Food Sciences & Technology from UMT, she holds international certification in Nutrition & Health and Food Safety. Currently, she is working as food technologist at Diet Studio. She writes on different topics related to Health, Food Safety, Nutrition & other science related topics. She can be reached at

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