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Justice Shahid Karim’s vision for a smog-free LahoreLahore Restaurant Association (LRA) to start plantation drive across the city

Justice Shahid Karim’s vision for a smog-free Lahore
Lahore Restaurant Association (LRA) to start plantation drive across the city

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The Lahore Restaurant Association (LRA) commends the remarkable efforts of Justice Shahid Karim in ensuring a greener and cleaner Lahore. In response to his visionary instructions, the LRA’s executive body met at its head office to discuss pressing challenges faced by restaurants in Lahore and chart a sustainable way forward. LRA President Nisar Chaudhry (Yum Group), Secretary General Ahmad Shafiq (COTHM) and executive members Ammar Mohsin (Rina’s Kitchenette), Habib Rehman Khan (Haveli), and Haroon Punoo (Mandrine/Sumo) attended the meeting.

Justice Shahid Karim, a prominent figure in environmental conservation and sustainability, provided a guiding light for the LRA’s initiative to tackle the alarming rise in smog levels that have plagued the city of Lahore. In a case related to restaurant operating hours, his directives underscored the importance of plantation drives to combat smog.

Taking the lead in environmental stewardship

The LRA, in a unanimous decision by its executive body, has embarked on an extensive plantation drive, focusing not only on greening the vicinity of restaurants but also contributing to the broader environmental well-being of Lahore. This initiative represents a steadfast commitment to address the menace of rising smog levels that have affected the health and quality of life of Lahore’s residents.

Cooperative measures for environmental resilience

The executive body of LRA acknowledges that collaborative efforts are essential to address the environmental challenges faced by the city. The LRA is resolved to work closely with relevant stakeholders, in alignment with the instructions given by Justice Shahid Kareem, to resolve and mitigate environmental issues.

This initiative reflects the LRA’s strong dedication to making Lahore a more environmentally sustainable and vibrant city, benefiting not only its residents but the entire community.

The Lahore Restaurant Association is honored to stand with Justice Shahid Karim and fellow stakeholders to foster a cleaner and greener Lahore and invites all the citizens, businesses, and organizations to join it in its endeavor to combat smog and nurture a healthier environment for the generations to come.

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