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K-P to be put on world tourism map, says CM

K-P to be put on world tourism map, says CM

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Mahmood Khan, the chief minister of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, has stated that his administration is working toward a bigger objective of promoting tourism in K-P.

The CM reaffirmed that his administration has made concrete efforts to promote the tourism industry, making the province a popular travel destination on both a national and worldwide scale.

In order to make the province financially self-sufficient and enable it to contribute to the national exchequer, he claimed that the current provincial government had built a model of sustainable development in the region.

Khan noted that PTI believes in institutional empowerment rather than relying on people in a statement released here by the chief minister Secretariat. He added that institutional empowerment is the only method to ensure sustained development and the construction of a welfare state. K-P province has been put on a path of development that will make the province a role model for national development thanks to long-term planning.

Numerous projects have been launched in order to utilise the province’s natural resources, but the wheeling model merits special consideration. The availability of inexpensive electricity has made K-P a desirable location for domestic and foreign businesses looking to develop small and large industrial operations.

The chief minister stated that despite several obstacles and difficulties, the provincial government had effectively finished the difficult process of integrating the former Fata into the province.

Several projects have been launched in newly combined districts as part of a well-planned strategy, he continued, with the sole aim of overcoming their historical disadvantages.

He emphasized that the current administration has made considerable investments in maintaining our moral, cultural, and Islamic values, and these actions will reinforce our sense of national identity among other countries.

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