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KP’s Sharan forest attracts tourists

KP’s Sharan forest attracts tourists


Tourists in search of tranquillity are increasingly finding their way into the scenic Sharan area in the famous Kaghan Valley, Sharan forest in KP a popular summer destination for those who want to escape the intense heat that envelops the rest of the country at this time.

Upon reaching the Sharan Forest, tourists and adventurers are amazed by the melodious mix of birdsong and the chirping of insects. The majesty of the Sharan waterfall, the charm of Manshi Top and the breathtaking expanse of the surrounding meadows are also important attractions for travellers.

Sharan is located on the road from Balakot to Naran and is accessible via a 14km long jeep track. The famous forest is also remembered as the Darshi Wilderness, based on a local folk tale of love and tragedy. The forest Sharan forest in KP is populated by a series of trees such as Deodar -zer, Biyar and Partial.

There is an option for the adventurous campsite on the site. A two-hour hike of Sharan leads to Manshi-Top, from where tourists can also see other hills that are also wrapped in clouds. The famous peak Musa ka Musallah can also be spotted from Manshi Top.

Meanwhile, tourists also travel on foot or on horseback to visit Sharan Waterfall, which is a half-hour walk from the forest and a major attraction in the region.

The gentle tinkling of cowbells adds depth to the rustic setting of the place, while one can also hear the distant voices of shepherds playing sweet melodies on their flutes.

All in all, the beautiful Sharan Forest offers a lesser-known but refreshing alternative to the more popular tourist spots in northern Pakistan.

Travellers flock to Galiyat, Kaghan

The flow of tourists to scenic spots in K-P is increasing, with around 32,905 people from all over the country visiting different destinations in a single day to enjoy the good weather.

According to statistics published daily by the K-P Integrated Tourism Development Project (KITE), Galiyat received 11,000 tourists while Kaghan and Naran received 11,430 visitors.

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