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Macao tourism recovers during National Day holidays

Macao tourism recovers during National Day holidays

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The Macao tourism Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China has witnessed a revival of the tourism market on National Day. To attract mainland tourists during the week-long vacation that ended Friday, Macau hosted a number of promotional events, including a fireworks display, new interactive devices at the Macau Grand Prix Museum, and community tours.

According to statistics from the Macau SAR Government’s Bureau of Macao Tourism, more than 180,000 visitors, mostly from mainland China, entered Macau during the holidays. On October 1, Macau recorded a total of 37,000 visitors, the second highest daily record to date in 2022.

During the holidays, popular tourist spots such as the Ruins of Saint Paul and Largo do Senado again saw crowds of tourists taking photos and buying typical local snacks.

A vendor at a large shopping center on Taipa Island told press that it received about a third more customers on Oct.1. “We hope this can continue throughout the holiday”.
The tourist office promotes the city as a safe tourist destination on the mainland’s social media. He has also partnered with companies to offer discounts on hotels and airline tickets.

During the first three days of the vacation, hotel occupancy rates in Macau reached an average of 80.6 percent, according to data released by the office.

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