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Murree Brewery sponsored book “GEMS and JEWELS: The Religions of Pakistan” launched in Rawalpindi

Murree Brewery sponsored book “GEMS and JEWELS: The Religions of Pakistan” launched in Rawalpindi

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Dr. Amineh Hoti, a well-known author and researcher’s book “GEMS and JEWELS: The Religions of Pakistan” was launched the other day at the Christian Study Centre, Rawalpindi. The book was sponsored by Murree Brewery Company Limited.

Distinguished guests such as Dr. Qibla Ayaz, the Chairman of Islamic Council and Mr. Isphanyar Bhandara, the Chief Executive of Murree Brewery Company Limited were present at the launching ceremony along with the representatives of different religions in Pakistan.

The author of the book, Dr. Amineh Hoti thanked Isphanyar Bhandara for sponsoring the book and its launch.

Dr. Amineh Hoti said on the occasion that people from different religions reside in Pakistan and in this book she has discussed these religions thoroughly. Furthermore, she added that she named the book “GEMS and JEWELS” because she believes that people residing in Pakistan with different faiths are also the gems and jewels of Pakistan.

At the occasion, Isphanyar Bhandara said, “People from different faiths residing in Pakistan are wishful of a prosperous and peaceful Pakistan, with patience, resilience and discipline.”

“The minorities of Pakistan are enjoying their lives with freedom in the country and this brotherhood amongst everyone in the country shall forever remain intact for the positive upbringing of the country”, he added.

While talking about the book, he said that the book along with the facts about different religions of Pakistan has also brought to light the notion of interfaith harmony and the historical facts about these religions.

He further said that reading this book will most definitely help our young generation know more about the different people with different faiths in the country.

With the help of this book we can showcase the positive image of Pakistan where we tell the world that the people of all faiths are living in Pakistan peacefully, hu further said and added this is not just a book but it is a service to the motherland.

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