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Nankana Tourism Conference

Nankana Tourism Conference

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SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Academy (Pvt) has ventured into a number of initiatives in the development sectors. One of its flagship global initiatives is “SDGs for Tourism”. It is encompassing every walk of life especially the development of societies which is directly linked with the tourism initiatives. There is a big community of Sustainable Development Goals which is interested to physically study the implementation of SDGs especially in remote areas of Pakistan.

In this regard, SDGs Academy Chairman Ammar Jaffri, SDGs Academy CEO Sadaf Khalid Khan and TDCP MD Muhammad Tanveer Jabbar organized a conference on November 23, 2019 in Nankana Sahib TDCP Motel.

There were two sessions in the conference; in thefirstsession, Cultural, Religious and Adventure Tourism were discussed while, in the second session, Eco and Responsible Tourism and Role of Media in Spreading the Soft Image were discussed.

Masood Ali Khan (Infrastructure & Facilitation Working Group, NTCB), Fayyaz Ahmed (Manager Events & International Tourism, TDCP) and Aftab Rana (Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan) gave their valuable recommendations and suggestions.


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