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Open House at COTHM North Nazimabad Campus

Open House at COTHM North Nazimabad Campus

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College of Tourism & Hotel COTHM (COTHM), a leading college of hospitality and tourism industry organized an open house at its North Nazimabad campus that was attended by multiple schools and hundreds of young boys and girls from the Central District.

All the participants appreciated the idea and liked COTHM’s open house activity. “Thanks to COTHM, we learned about the bright future of the hospitality industry,” said the participants. Ex-chairman District Central and Social Worker Rehan Hashmi visited Open House and appreciated the management for the successful Open House.

Speaking to Home Chefs on the occasion of Open House, COTHM Karachi Executive Director Engineer Sabir Ahmed said that the purpose of this college is to guide the youth on the path of skills and entrepreneurship.

He also urged the visitors and home chefs to work harder in future for the development of the hospitality industry. At the end of event, officials of the open house presented shields to school managers and expressed their gratitude to them for visiting the event.

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