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Safe Evacuation In Ukraine Overseeing Of Students Pak Embassy

Safe Evacuation In Ukraine Overseeing Of Students Pak Embassy

Pakistan Embassy in Ukraine has safely evacuated a large number of stranded Pakistani students and Pakistani nationals despite the difficult situation there, safe evacuation in Ukraine in the aftermath of Russian forces’ attacks on different key cities.

Pakistan ambassador to Ukraine Dr Noel Khokhar, in a voice message on his Twitter handle, said that there were about 3,000 students in Ukraine and the bulk of which had been safely evacuated.

He said some 500-600 were left and the embassy was in the process to safe evacuation in Ukraine them, he added.

The ambassador said that they were making hectic efforts despite ordeals and difficulties in Ukraine.

“All Pakistanis are safe and we are trying to guide them under the difficult situation,” Khokhar said, citing closure of flights, banking systems and non-availability of transport and fuel.

Sharing the latest details, the ambassador said a total of 62 people including 21 family members of the embassy staff had already been evacuated whereas 59 people were on the border crossing (Ukraine-Poland border).

He said another 79 people including 67 students and 12 family members of embassy staff were on their way to Ukraine-Poland border. A batch of 104 students from Kharkiv was arriving via train while 20 other students were being evacuated from Kyiv on a bus arranged by the embassy.

Separately, Pakistan Embassy in Bucharest, Romania has established an additional hotline in addition to embassy’s already existing one which is being manned round-the-clock.

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