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Pakistan, Qatar vow to enhance bilateral trade, tourism

Pakistan, Qatar vow to enhance bilateral trade, tourism

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On Thursday, Pakistan and Qatar vowed to further advance their mutual trade and tourism. The agreement was made in Islamabad during a meeting between the Qatari ambassador Sheikh Saud bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani and the interior minister Rana Sanaullah.

The two people also spoke about matters of relevance to both of them, such as international relations between nations. The committee decided to boost Pakistani workforce to 650,000 after taking into account the fact that 2.5 lakh Pakistanis are now employed in Qatar. In order to address issues with internal security, the two parties also decided to continue their full collaboration.

Speaking at the event, the interior minister said that Qatari nationals would have access to visa-free entry into Pakistan. According to him, trust between the people of two nations has always existed.

The Interior Minister thanked Qatar for providing financial support to Pakistan’s flood victims, noting that Qatar has always backed Pakistan.

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