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PIA Invites Bids for Social Media Management

PIA Invites Bids for Social Media Management

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In order to handle its online presence, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced that it is looking for social media management services.

A spokesperson claimed that the national airline has already been paying Rs. 600,000 per month for social media administration services. The tender began on April 17th, and the notification was published as a newspaper ad.

Abdullah Hafeez Khan, a PIA spokesman, claims that the airline needs the help of a social media management company to improve its reputation globally and stay on top of emerging trends. The organisation will be in charge of the airline’s advertising, public service announcements, awareness campaigns, videos, infographics, and other digital platforms.

Khan claims that since 2015, PIA has used social media companies for images and media, and their agreement with the agency is about to expire. The new organisation will be employed for a year and be in charge of creating content for the national airline, brand-new announcements, the launch of brand-new services, and efforts to raise awareness of fog.

The airline’s plan to invest in social media has drawn criticism from some experts, who contend that innovation should be PIA’s main emphasis in order to improve services and reduce costs. A PIA official stressed that the airline is striving to enhance its offerings and elevate the position of the national flag carrier.

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