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PTDC Chairman Wasi Shah Announces New Initiatives To Improve Safety Of Porters

PTDC Chairman Wasi Shah Announces New Initiatives To Improve Safety Of Porters

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PTDC, Chairman, Wasi Shah has said that the government would address the proposals for the training and welfare of porters in the mountaineering community.Addressing a meeting held on Tuesday at PTDC, Wasi Shah, expressed his heartfelt condolences for the untimely passing of Mr. Muhammad Hassan, a porter who lost his life in a tragic incident while climbing the world’s second-largest mountain K2.

In response to this tragedy, he has directed the authorities for the establishment of a Training Centre/Institute aimed at enhancing the capabilities of both climbers and porters.During the meeting, the Managing Director of PTDC, Aftab ur Rehman Rana, provided a comprehensive brief about the incident, while the President of the Alpine Club, Abu Zafar, elucidated the various aspects of mountaineering.

A member of the Investigation Committee also shed light on the rescue efforts undertaken during the incident. State Minister for Tourism, Wasi Shah also emphasized the need to bridge gaps in existing rules and regulations on safety measures and, crucially, to work towards providing insurance coverage for porters and climbers to the tune of Rs. 3 million in case of unfortunate fatalities.

He also directed to introduction of formal documentation regarding penalties and certifications for tour operators, alongside arrangements for training and short courses for guides and porters. He said that such effort signifies the commitment of the Ministry of Tourism and Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation towards the safety, training, and welfare of those who play an essential role in Pakistan’s mountaineering endeavors.

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