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PTDC starts World Tourism Day celebration activities

PTDC starts World Tourism Day celebration activities

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Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) will be celebrating World Tourism Day celebrations by PTDC today, 27th September (Today) here at Pakistan National Arts Council (PNCA) and Marriot Hotel Islamabad with the theme “Rethinking Tourism”.

This event is a continuation of the three-day activities that started on September 26 with the round table and would include a photography competition, a painting exhibition, a display of tourist stalls, a traditional crafts exhibition, a painting competition for youth and a guided tour of students and youth from Islamabad to PNCA.

On the first day, tourism industry experts participated in five panel discussions to analyze issues such as the recovery of tourism after floods and heavy rains; Remove bottlenecks to promote outbound tourism in Pakistan; Issues and Challenges of Mountain and Trekking Tourism in Pakistan; Promotion of Islamabad Capital Territory and initiatives of provincial tourism departments to develop and promote tourism On September 27, this tourism conference will end with the presentation of the synthesis of the recommendations made in the various sessions of the conference and the award ceremony photo and art competition ceremony.

All these activities aim to highlight the importance of tourism to boost the economy and to raise awareness among the general public, especially our young generation, of the role of tourism in order to make an attractive contribution to the national DGP and to the To promote the country’s image, World Tourism Day celebrations by PTDC Executive Director Aftab Rana said in a statement.

He said: “We celebrate this day in a country blessed with the most striking natural landscapes, mighty mountain ranges, diverse flora and fauna, stunning coastlines and a diverse cultural heritage that must be preserved. and maintained for future generations.

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