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Public sector institutes lack human resource to teach culinary arts: VC, BZU

Public sector institutes lack human resource to teach culinary arts: VC, BZU

Public sector institutes lack basic facilities, funds and human resource to teach culinary arts, said Bahauddin Zakariya University Vice Chancellor Dr. BZU Vice Chancellor Dr Mansoor Akbar Kundi, Mansoor Akbar Kundi during his visit at College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTHM) Lahore where COTHM CEO Mr. Ahmad Shafiq gave him a detailed tour to the college’s teaching faculties and departments.

Mr. Ahmad Shafiq briefed Kundi about courses being offered here at COTHM. He also highlighted the importance of personal hygiene, food safety, and nutrition value of food.

During  his interaction with students, Kundi appreciated their skills and expertise in cooking and hospitality management.  He said that in future we will sign a MoU with COTHM.

“I am much impressed by courses taught here. COTHM has state of the art facilities for students and it equips them with skills. This institute offers degree with skills. It is a common saying that knowledge is power but knowledge with skills is superpower and COTHM provides knowledge with skills”, Kundi said while he was visiting live cooking and baking classes at COTHM.

COTHM has much more to offer for students. It will be easier for them to get a job or start their own online business after the completion of their degree program, he added.

Public sector universities lack human resource to teach culinary arts. They do not have skilled workforce. They also lack funds and cannot bear the expenses to teach such courses, he further said.

COTHM CEO Mr. Ahmad Shafiq also gave Kundi a tour to the Chocolate Academy where Chocolate Academy CEO Ms. Zainab Shafiq welcomed him. She briefed him about Chocolate Academy and courses being offered here. She said that in Chocolate Academy children are taught to make Chocolates. It creates a sense of giving, sharing and caring among children while adults are equipped with hand on training for entrepreneurship.

“Today, I am glad to know that COTHM is making students skilled in culinary, baking, tourism, aviation and hospitality sectors. Students after graduating from here are not only able to launch their own startups but they can also compete other countries”, Kundi said.

I am glad to know that such institutes also exist in private sector which not only provide degree with skills in a low price but they are also equipping students with entrepreneurship skills, he further said.

COTHM has well organized discipline which generally lacks in public sector institutes. It is affiliated with international institutes. Curriculum being taught here is also up to international standard, he said.

There is dire need of such institutes. BZU Vice Chancellor Dr Mansoor Akbar Kundi, Although some universities have started such programs but they are not up to the mark. The faculty here is also highly qualified and they teach courses according to international leve, Kundi added.

In the last, he thanked COTHM CEO Mr. Ahmad Shafiq for inviting him to visit the college.

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