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Restaurant ReviewMandarin Kitchen: A place worth spending

Restaurant Review
Mandarin Kitchen: A place worth spending

by Fatima Imran

Chinese cuisine holds a distinctive place in Pakistani dining culture. After our Desi food, Chinese is the second most popular cuisine among the masses. Due to an increase in its popularity, the Chinese restaurants are rapidly increasing in Lahore and all over Pakistan. Mandarin Kitchen  opened its door to customers two years ago on February 14, 2016. The Mandarin Kitchen offers a tasty selection of Chinese classics, a refreshing range of Korean, Thai and Pan-Asian signature dishes, and daily hi-tea.

Location and Parking

The restaurant is located at 23 Z-Block Phase 3 DHA. The building stands out from the lot due to its distinctive exterior design. The restaurant has walls that feature large glass windows which look very attractive and inviting to guests. The parking area is small but cars can be adjusted in front of the restaurant or in the parallel lane of the restaurant. The restaurant also offers valet parking so that the customers may save themselves from the hassle of parking the car.

Seating and Ambience

The restaurant is divided into two floors; the upper floor can be accessed through lift or stairs. The restaurant can accommodate up to 80 guests, there is also a small waiting area on the upper floor right next to the lift. As you enter the restaurant, you are welcomed by the staff and you will be directed towards your table. The majority of customers prefer sitting in the ground floor primarily because it brings them in close proximity to their kitchen – which has a glass around it. The interior of the restaurant is inspired by the Chinese culture and the dim lights and relaxing music gives its ambiance a very soothing a calming effect

Chinese, Korean, Thai and Pan-Asian signature dishes

Despite being the Chinese restaurant, the mandarin kitchen offers diverse range of Korean, Thai and Pan-Asian Signature dishes. The must try item from the starter menu includes the dumpling basket, prawn tempura and the sriracha wings. If you are one of those people who enjoy soup even in summers, last Mandarin special soup is a must try, it is similar to 19B soup but Mandarin soup is richer in flavors.

Their Kung Pao Chicken and Mongolian Beef stand out among the menu if you’re ordering as a family. If you want a single serving, General Tso’s chicken which is more of an American Chinese dish and Mandarin rice nest in which savory chicken and shrimps are served in a crispy potato bowl (nest) is a must try.

If you have a sweet tooth, the forbidden trifle is something you don’t want to miss out, it is made with Italian custard layered with fresh cream and peaches.

Timings and Home Delivery

The restaurant is open daily from 12pm to 12am. Home delivery is not charged for except the price of the item.

Service and Staff

The staff is cooperative and friendly in all manners. The order is served on time and the staff makes sure that the customer is sent back fully satisfied from the food offered.

Feedback Card

At the end of meal, a feedback card is given to the customers so that they may give their valued feedback.

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