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Shan Foods proudly joins COTHM’s grand Culinary Championship as Spice Partner

Shan Foods proudly joins COTHM’s grand Culinary Championship as Spice Partner

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Shan Foods, a leading name in the spice industry, has delightedly joined College of Tourism and Hotel Management’s (COTHM) prestigious culinary championship at the 18th International Food, Beverage, and Hospitality Technology Exhibition (Iftech) as Spice Partner. The championship, organized by the College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTHM), is scheduled to take place from September 7 to 9, 2023.

The 18th Iftech Exhibition promises to be a showcase of culinary excellence, bringing together talented students from the esteemed COTHM in Pakistan. The competition features participants from the departments of Culinary Arts and Baking & Patisserie, who are engaged in day-long competitions across six exciting categories.

Shan Foods is a part of this culinary extravaganza as the Spice Partner. As a company committed to enhancing the flavors of food and celebrating the culinary arts, Shan Foods recognizes the importance of nurturing young culinary talents and promoting the culinary industry in Pakistan.

As the Spice Partner, Shan Foods is playing an integral role in enhancing the flavor profiles of the dishes prepared by the participants. The company’s wide range of premium spices and seasonings have been made available to the contestants, adding an extra layer of creativity to their culinary creations.

About Shan Foods:

Shan Foods is a renowned name in the spice industry, known for its high-quality spices, seasonings, and food products. With a heritage spanning over four decades, Shan Foods has become a trusted household brand, loved by consumers for its commitment to flavor and authenticity. The company’s diverse product range caters to a wide spectrum of culinary preferences, making it a preferred choice for cooks and food enthusiasts around the world.

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