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CPNE Punjab Committee meets, voices for independence of media

CPNE Punjab Committee meets, voices for independence of media

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The Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors’ (CPNE) Punjab Committee met on Monday (September 11, 2023) to discuss the issues and challenges faced by the journalist community at learge.

Hospitality Plus Chief Editor and COTHM CEO Ahmad Shafiq hosted a meeting of the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) at COTHM College in New Garden Town on September 11, 2023.

DGPR Director of Coordination Muhammad Tariq Ismail joined the meeting as the Chief Guest. He welcomed all the committee members and appreciated COTHM CEO Ahmed Shafiq for hosting the meeting.

Editors from renowned newspapers, including Daily Express Group Editor Ayaz Khan , Pakistan Today Editor Yousaf Nizami, 92 News Group Editor Irshad Ahmad Arif, Daily Sar Zameen Chief Editor Safdar Ali Khan, Hotline Chief Editor Zulfiqar Rahat, Daily Sarzameen, Daily Mousar Editor M Aslam Mian, Daily Taqat Chief Editor Muhammad Owais Raazi, Daily Saadat Editor Toufiq ur Rehman, Daily Tijarat Editor Irfan Athar Qazi, Monthly Hina Lahore Editor Sardar Tahir Mehmood, F News Editor Zia Tanoli, Soorat-e-Hal Editor-in-Chief Zubair Mehmood, Jehan Numa Editor Waqas Tariq Farooq, Nai Baat Editor Najam Wali Khan,  Sang-e-Meal Editor Muhammad Arshad Roohani, Millat Editor Sardar Abid Aleem, and Nawa-e-Waqt Editor Nadeem Basra attended the meeting.

Senior Journalist Irshad Arif emphasized that all the journalists in this committee should play their role in promoting justice in society and raise their voices for the public. Ayaz Khan stressed that the judiciary should actively support the freedom of speach, while Zulfiqar Rahat proposed that the CPNE Punjab Committee should arrange a meeting with the government representatives to discuss the journalists’ concerns.

DGPR Director of Coordination Muhammad Tariq Ismail assured the committee members that their concerns would be taken into consideration, and the government would take steps to address them. All the members of the decided that a committee will be formed under the supervision of Yousaf Nizami, that will be in communication with DGPR for present and future queries. Tariq Ismail affirmed the government’s commitment to freedom of expression and its dedication to protecting journalists’ rights.

The meeting concluded with a pledge by the committee members to continue playing their role in promoting the freedom of expression and upholding the highest journalistic standards; followed by a hi-tea in the honor of all the participants.

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