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Turkey revises tourism revenue target to $44 billion

Turkey revises tourism revenue target to $44 billion


Turkey’s tourist arrival and revenue targets for 2022 have been raised to 50 million and $44 billion, respectively, according to Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy. Turkey tourism received 51.7 million visitors in 2019 and generated $34.5 billion in tourism revenue.

The country set its targets for 2022 at 42 million tourists and $34 billion in revenue at the start of the year, but amid a strong rebound in tourism activity, the targets were revised upwards to 47 million visitors and $37 billion in revenue.

The minister said on Oct. 27 that the revenue target of $50 billion for 2023 could be revised based on December data. According to the minister, Turkey outperforms its competitors in the Mediterranean region. “Tourist arrivals in Spain and Italy fell by 18% and 29%, respectively, in the first seven months of 2022 compared to the same period in 2019, while Greece fell by 12% and Turkey fell by 7%,” he added.

Tourism revenues in those countries also fell during the same time period, but Turkey saw a 12% increase compared to January-July 2019.

In 2022, Turkey will engage in extensive promotional activities, according to the minister, referring to the work of the Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA). “There were promotion campaigns in over 200 countries.” Every destination served by Turkish Airlines is a target [market]. We should be able to transport tourists from those locations.”

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