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UAE travel and tourism sector to announce 7,000 jobs

UAE travel and tourism sector to announce 7,000 jobs

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A further 7,000 new recruits are expected this year in the travel and tourism sector of the UAE. This would be the third year in a row that the industry’s workforce has grown, with airlines setting the pace and now being followed by significant hotel operators.

Another reason is that additional hotels are expected to launch this year, creating extra jobs for each one that does. The sector (in the UAE) is anticipated to employ 758,000 people by 2023, according to Julia Simpson, president and chief executive officer of the World Travel and Tourism Council, which this morning (May 17) released its most recent Economic Impact Research.

A staggering 89,320 jobs were added by travel and tourism companies in the UAE last year. This year, the sector is expected to contribute Dh180.6 billion to the UAE GDP, up from Dh167 billion in 2022. This amounts to around 10% of the GDP.

The recovery of the industry, which has been fueled by rising travel and tourism expenditures, hotel developments, and government-private sector initiatives, has maintained the pace of job growth. Hotels, aviation, airports, aeroplanes, cruise lines, as well as OTAs (online travel agencies) and suppliers, will all see an increase in employment, according to Julia.

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