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University of the PunjabRegistrarDr Muhammad Khalid KhanCOTHM & PU are on the same page

University of the Punjab
Dr Muhammad Khalid Khan
COTHM & PU are on the same page

COTHM is working as per its SOPs making it quite easy for PU to work with this institute.

by Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri

How is PU adding value to the studies of hospitality and tourism?

At University of the Punjab (PU), we have a College of Earth & Environmental Sciences (CEES) in which we have Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management. The college provides practical experiences to the students along with the theoretical knowledge. As the Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management at CEES is not that old as COTHM is, our faculty remains in contact with COTHM to meet the market standards. Besides providing quality education to the students, we are constantly working on improving our laboratory, kitchen and other practical facilities. Current Vice Chancellor Dr Niaz Ahmad Akhter is very touchy in this regard and he is seriously trying to provide the required facilities to the department.

COTHM & PU are partners in academia. How do you see this working relationship?

We are in a very good working relationship with because COTHM’s approach towards studies is very realistic. COTHM is working as per its SOPs making it quite easy for PU to work with this institute. We may say that both the organisations are on the same page.

COTHM’s vision 2021 is ‘Degree with Skills’. How do you see this slogan working in academia in the coming years?

It is an excellent slogan. It is actually the requirement of our society as our youth direly needs skills or skill-based education to pursue its career successfully. COTHM has rightly identified this requirement and it is really good to see COTHM practically working on its slogan. We at PU are also eager to work in the same direction.

How do you COTHM contributing towards the field of hospitality & tourism?

I think COTHM is the only institute that is providing the youth in Pakistan with an opportunity to get formal education in the field of hospitality and tourism. The best thing is that the quality of education that COTHM is providing is excellent. I believe that a student starts looking upon the practical side of its life soon after entering COTHM.

How is PU going to facilitate COTHM in producing skilled manpower for Pakistan?

COTHM and PU are working in the same direction. Currently, COTHM is an affiliated college of the University of the Punjab and if it needs any further assistance or facilities from the university, PU will definitely facilitate COTHM according to its rules and regulations.

Any message for the hospitality & tourism students?

Be a skilled professional and serve your country in a better way.

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