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Visits to World Expo 2020 Dubai cross 6.3 mln mark

Visits to World Expo 2020 Dubai cross 6.3 mln mark

Source: Al Arabiya News

World Expo 2020 Dubai has become a trend in the whole world as the number of visits has crossed the 6.3 million mark from the day it has been made open to all up to December 13.

A diverse range of cultural, business and sports activities has attracted the whole world for the last two and half months and with every passing day the numbers are increasing.

Participation of maximum countries from across the world has also paved way for the masses to visit the expo as visitors go right away to the pavilions of their countries to express their love and affection.

Celebrities’ participation is also a big attraction for the visitors as Alicia Keys’ recent performance at Al- Wasl Plaza has pulled a huge crowd.

The visits of other celebrities including Manchester City footballer Pablo Zabaleta, and Filipino artists Sponge Cola and Matthaios have also gathered maximum people there.

The administration at Expo has also launched a Festive Pass for just Dh. 95 to explore the wonder winter activities. The pass can be bought till the end of December. With the entry of this Festive Pass, the number of visitors is reasonably increasing on daily basis.

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