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World Halal Summit to hold International Chefs Competition

World Halal Summit to hold International Chefs Competition

8th World Halal Summit that is going to be organized by the Islamic Cooperation Organization (ICO) from 25-28 November, 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey is also going to arrange International Chefs Competition during the four-day activity.

As per the details, ICO’s 8th World Halal Summit is going to host International Chefs Competition as well and the process of the registration of the participants is almost complete. To keep the competition transparent and fair, the management of the summit is inviting the jury members from different countries including Pakistan.

“We will organise international chefs competition at this like in previous years”, says the website of this.

This is an annual activity where thousands of people having interest in food and gastronomy go to have latest updates on the halal food business.

A big number of renowned food and other commercial companies sponsor the event for marketing and branding purposes.

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