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Chef Association Pakistan receives prestigious Consumer Choice Award-2023

Chef Association Pakistan receives prestigious Consumer Choice Award-2023

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Chef Association Pakistan (CAP) is proud to announce that it has been honored with the prestigious Consumer Choice Award-2023 for its exceptional contributions to promoting culinary excellence in Pakistan. This recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the association in the culinary industry.

The Consumer Choice Award is a highly respected accolade that acknowledges organizations for their commitment to excellence and their positive impact on consumers. The Chef Association Pakistan has consistently strived to elevate the culinary standards in the country and enhance the dining experience for its patrons.

The award was presented to Chef Association Pakistan at a grand ceremony where Syed Azhar Jamil, the Vice President of Corporate Affairs (Sindh), had the privilege of receiving this prestigious award on behalf of the association. The honor was bestowed upon Chef Association Pakistan by none other than the esteemed Sindh Governor Kamran Tesori who commended the association for its remarkable achievements in the culinary industry.

Receiving the Consumer Choice Award-2023 is a significant milestone for Chefs Association Pakistan, and it reflects the relentless pursuit of culinary excellence, innovative cooking techniques, and outstanding customer service that the association upholds. This recognition serves as a source of motivation for the entire culinary community in Pakistan, encouraging them to continue their pursuit of excellence.

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