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Chocolate Academy – empowering women with cake decoration skills

Chocolate Academy – empowering women with cake decoration skills


Chocolate Academy, cake decoration skills dedicated to all things sweet and baked, has once again concluded the best-selling Cake Decoration and Fondant Art course on 23rd July. This immersive 4 week course helped turn students into master cake decorators and bakers.

“Creating beautiful cakes is truly an art form, but one that with the right techniques and tools, anyone can succeed at,” said Chef Faiza Iqbal. “This course is simply incredible. The breadth of what students will learn is both deep and wide in what it encompasses. I cannot wait to see some of the creations that our students will construct,” she added as students created their masterpieces.

Highlights of the course include basics of baking, how to prepare your cake decorating studio, cornerstone ingredients, fillings and frostings, fondant making, buttercream and royal icing piping, cake decoration skills hand-sculpting and making sugar flowers, chocolate figurines and other cake decorations. Throughout the course, students received instructor’s support, grading and individualized constructive feedback.

With this instructor-guided course, students had an opportunity to interact with business support team in multiple ways in order to develop. This included food safety and professional social media management classes for the students.






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