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Climate change ministry to purchase a firefighting aircraft

Climate change ministry to purchase a firefighting aircraft

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Officials from the Ministry of Climate Change have requested the government to buy a new plane to help fight the nation’s forest fires. The proposal was brought up at a Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change meeting that was presided over by Senator Seemi Ezdi. The meeting covered a wide range of issues relating to climate change, including pollution and car emissions.

Officials also disclosed that they had created a clean air policy with suggestions for lowering pollution in five important industries. Among these suggestions are checking for pollutants and applying high-quality motor oil. Senator Humayun Mahind urged the government to make vehicle checking a mandatory requirement, while Senator Asad Ali Junejo suggested tying vehicle inspection to excise.

Dr. Farzana Altaf, Director General (DG) of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), said during the meeting that low-quality fuel is used in automobiles in Pakistan. The fuel being utilized, according to her, isn’t even Euro2, and neighbouring nations have already switched to Euro4 fuel, she claimed. To discuss this matter, the committee called Excise and Taxation and the manufacturers of motor vehicles.

The issue of plastic garbage was also discussed during the conference. Representatives from the Ministry of Climate Change revealed that 3 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced in the nation. According to the officials, all forms of plastic will be prohibited throughout the federation, and major corporations have been contacted over the matter. Chairperson of the committee stressed the importance of spreading awareness about the use of plastic and urged using cloth bags as a substitute.

Sherry Rehman, the federal minister in charge of climate change, gave the committee a briefing on the measures being taken to deal with the impending heat wave, which has stoked dread across the nation after several heat waves last summer. The task force’s preparations for the heat wave have been finished, according to the minister, and work is being done to improve the provinces’ ability to handle the situation.

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