Friday, May 24, 2024
Dubai to Use AI For Air Traffic Control

Dubai to Use AI For Air Traffic Control

HP Newsroom

Dubai is utilising artificial intelligence (AI) to upgrade the effectiveness of the air traffic control systems at its airports. Swedish aerospace firm Saab is given the contract for the Integrated Air Traffic Control Suite. At Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport (Dubai World Central), Emirates Flight Academy, and the Contingency Operations Centre, it is now being installed.

By combining essential radar and flight data, the AI-powered solution streamlines air traffic controllers’ tasks. Due to the automation of certain jobs, their workload is decreased and safety is increased.

Within a year, Dubai hopes to have the implementation finished. They also used cutting-edge AI to control terminal traffic and plan for future crises.

Total Airport Management solution from Saab offers a thorough overview of airport resources, enabling effective staffing and prompt emergency responses.

The system quickly detects delays and alerts the need for more employees by watching the airport’s airside. At Dubai’s airports, these technology developments expedite procedures and enhance the overall traveller experience.


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