Friday, June 21, 2024
Emirates resumes flights to three international destinations

Emirates resumes flights to three international destinations

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The Dubai-based airline Emirates has stated that its Airbus A380 flights to Glasgow, Nice, and Birmingham will resume soon.

Details indicate that the double-decker aircraft will land in Glasgow on March 26, 2023, Nice on June 1, and Birmingham on July 1.

A second daily flight to London Stansted Airport will resume on May 1, bringing the total number of daily flights to London to 11, including 6 to Heathrow and 3 to Gatwick.

Emirates started operating A380 flights to Birmingham in 2016, Nice in 2017, and Glasgow in 2019. However, due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions, it halted those flights.

With an increase in travel demand, it also keeps growing its global network. Emirates currently flies to 40 locations across the world with their flagship A380.

The Emirates A380s will be operating to roughly 50 destinations by the end of this summer, resuming nearly 90% of the airline’s pre-pandemic operations.

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