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KITE workshop on public-private partnership concludes

KITE workshop on public-private partnership concludes

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A three-day training seminar on public-private partnership (PPP) concluded here on Thursday under the auspices of the provincial government’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Integrated Tourism (KITE workshop) project.

The seminar was attended by 60 officials from the Department of Tourism of the FP, the Directorates of Archeology, Sport and the Authority for Culture and Tourism, the seminar provided training on the basic principles of PPP.

Tausef Khalid, the director of the KITE workshop project, kicked off the training session by saying that officials were encouraged to understand and use the PPP path in the wake of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Private Partnership Act, 2020.

He added that the PPP framework allows governments to form financial partnerships with private entities to reduce public spending and increase efficiency. Topics discussed were transaction structures and legal framework, PPP structuring, contract negotiations and contract management. Led by lawyer Ali Asghar Khan, a PPP expert, the session was enriched by sharing and exchanging ideas and suggestions on the subject. The expert noted that KP had been gifted with unprecedented potential and pointed out that these opportunities required effective management.

Certificates and shields were distributed among attendees to appreciate their participation and commemorate the first session of its kind.

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