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Memorial Reference held to pay tribute to Brig Jan Nadir Khan

Memorial Reference held to pay tribute to Brig Jan Nadir Khan

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A memorial reference in the memory of Brig Jan Nadir Khan was held at Adventure Complex Islamabad the other day. The memorial reference was attended by a large number of members of Adventure Foundation Pakistan, SOS village Dodhial and people from different walks of life.

Brig. (R ) Ikram Khan, Senior Life Member and former President of AFP, Brig Muhammad Karim (R ), Brg. Manzoor Bhatti, Col. Zulfiqar Rathor, Ali Hassan Habib, President of AFP, Aftab ur Rehman Rana, Vice President of AFP, Jehan Ara Moin, Secretary of AFP, Huma Baig, Khaoula, Sabrina, Umar, Zubair Usmani, Saaed Tariq Siddique, Bilal Mustafa Syed, Col. Manzoor Hussain, WC Fiaz Mehboob, Maj. Tariq, Col Abbass, Ashraf Aman, Karar Haideri, Naikbam, Tahir Imran, Brig. Haider and a large number of members physically participated and joined the reference meeting via zoom.

Speakers on this occasion paid glowing tributes to Brig Jan Nadir Khan for his services and contributions in the field of social welfare, outdoor education and for the promotion of adventure pursuits in Pakistan. They also acknowledged with gratitude his lifelong dedication and commitment for the character building of young people and polishing their leadership skills by involving them in outdoor adventure and environment education program. A resolution was also passed on this occasion to declare AFP Outdoor Pursuits Training Center at Mangal, Abbottabad as “Jan Nadir Khan Outdoor Pursuits Training Center”.

Brig Jan Nadir Khan, the founder president of the Adventure Foundation Pakistan passed away on 8th of September at the age of 95 at Abbottabad. He was a true patriot and a lifelong believer and promoter of turning youth of Pakistan into leaders through outdoor pursuits. Brig Jan Nadir also fostered a whole village at Dhodial for orphan children and his contribution towards developing leadership qualities in the youth will always be a motivating factor for everyone who came into contact with him.

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