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Pakistan makes visa regulations easier to facilitate religious tourism

Pakistan makes visa regulations easier to facilitate religious tourism

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In America, Pakistan’s ambassador Masood Khan has said that Pakistani government and people fully understand and respect the religious sentiments of Sikh community, and our doors are open to it.

Speaking to a delegation from the American Punjabi Society at the Pakistan Embassy, he mentioned that Pakistan would continue to provide every possible facility to the Sikh community around the world visiting Pakistan for its religious sites’ tours.

Ambassador Masood Khan welcomed the delegation to the embassy and reiterated that the Pakistani government and people respect the religious sentiments of the Sikh community, and would continue to provide it with all the possible facilities.

He explained that the visa policy regarding religious tourism had been made easier, taking into consideration the religious sentiments of followers of various faiths, with the aim of facilitating them as much as possible.

The delegation was assured during its visit to Pakistan that the followers of other faiths would be provided with all the possible facilities during their visa process and tours to various cities in Pakistan.

American Punjabi Society President Gary Sekhon informed the ambassador that the society consists of a hundred thousand Punjabi Sikh members, some of whom have connections with Pakistan.

He mentioned that a delegation of 115 members from the American Punjabi Society would soon visit Pakistan for their religious site visits. The delegation would visit Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, and Kartarpur.

The delegation members particularly appreciated the hospitality of the Pakistani people, especially during their previous visits, mentioning that the warmth shown by the Pakistani people leaves a lasting impression.

The delegation expressed gratitude to the Pakistani government for facilitating its visits to the religious sites within Pakistan.

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