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PFA, LRA continue dialogues over star rating program

PFA, LRA continue dialogues over star rating program

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Punjab Food Authority (PFA) and Lahore Restaurant Association (LRA) are working on the implementable solution to the sustainable functionality of star rating program recently introduced by the PFA.

In a meeting between LRA officials Senior Vice President Nisar Chaudhry, Secretary General Ahmad Shafiq, Legal Affairs and Coordination Head Raza Ahmad, Executive Member Mansoor Zaigham, representatives of the executive members Muhammad Ahmad and Shoaib Ahmad and PFA Additional Director General Safdar Hussain Virk today (Tuesday), LRA executive members expressed their concerns over the unannounced launch of star rating program by the PFA.

They were of the view that there were certain things yet to be discussed and finalized between LRA and PFA over the implementation of rating program but the program was launched in hurry without informing the association officially.

Safdar Hussain Virk assured the LRA executive members that PFA would never go into any conflict with LRA and all the stakeholders will be taken into full confidence over the star rating program.

He mentioned in the meeting that the rating program is being launched to encourage the restaurants in Punjab and no financial implications are involved at any stage in this program.

He also said that a lot of efforts have been made to make this program transparent so that nobody may question the authenticity of ratings announced by the PFA.

LRA and PFA agreed on certain points and decided to meet in the coming week again to make the things clearer and implementable in the long run.

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