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Consumer Association of Pakistan holds conference on ‘Food Safety and Quality’

Consumer Association of Pakistan holds conference on ‘Food Safety and Quality’

Thirteenth Conference on Food Safety and Quality was held at Dreamworld Resort in Karachi under the aegis of Consumer Association of Pakistan.

COTHM Karachi Executive Director Engr. Sabir Ahmed, Food Safety Expert Sumaiya Shahadat, CAP Vice President Syed Azhar Jamil, and hundreds of COTHM students attended the conference having COTHM as the strategic partner of the Consumer Association of Pakistan.

Other guests included PCSIR Director General Dr. Hafiz Rabb Nawaz, Pakistan Halal Authority Director General Akhtar Bhogio, Halal Inspection Expert Talha Siddiqui, Khalil Group Vice Chairman Shaikh Khalil-ur-Rehman, Q&N Senior Manager Rohi Akbar and Karachi University Food Department former chairman Dr. Asad Saeed.

On this occasion, Consumer Association of Pakistan Chairman Kokab Iqbal informed about the aims and objectives of the conference and also informed the guests about the importance of food safety and quality.

Engr Sabir Ahmed highlighted the importance of training along with legislation and urged media to play its role in raising public awareness on food safety.

He informed the guests about COTHM’s efforts in this regard, and urged the students present in the hall to continue to increase their knowledge and training in food safety and quality.

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