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President Alvi voices for responsible tourism in Pakistan

President Alvi voices for responsible tourism in Pakistan


President Arif Alvi has said that the promotion and propagation of responsible tourism is need of the hour.

As per details, addressing the participants of a conference held in connection with International Mountains Day, the president said that Pakistan has seen a huge growth in its tourism sector in the recent years.

Due to the increased number of visitors to the tourism sites, there is an immediate need to maintain the beauty and exclusivity of the sites in country, he said further.

To cope up with the emerging needs in the tourism sector of Pakistan, it is very much important to use technology, he said and added that without providing latest facilities and amenities to the visitors, the sector of tourism cannot be further improved or developed.

A huge number of tourists took to the northern areas and Gilgit Baltistan during pandemic days and the local community there offered lodging and facilities to them on their own, he said adding that banks can offer loans to the local community in those areas so that they might be able to develop some infrastructure for the tourists at local level.

He also said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has a clear vision about the promotion and development of tourism in Pakistan and he wants to tell the world that Pakistan is a scenic and tourism-friendly country.

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