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Richard Sprenger on food safety in Pakistan

Richard Sprenger on food safety in Pakistan

by Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri

How is Highfield contributing in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, Highfield is looking for a sustainable programme to improve food safety.

How can we improve food safety?

In order to improve food safety, we need to work with all the interested stakeholders like food industry, the regulators, government, enforcement officers, educational institutes, consumer organisations, training companies and scientific laboratories. All these stakeholders can definitely suggest sustainable solutions to improve food safety as they know more about Pakistan.

How can we ensure food safety in Pakistan?

There should be an effective surveillance system to educate and ensure food safety at food outlets.

How is COTHM playing its role in improving food safety standards?

COTHM is improving food safety in many ways. As the leading culinary school, it is the first one to introduce mandatory food safety training and internationally recognized food safety programmes for its students. Chefs at COTHM not only know how to cook but also have an understanding of international food safety standards.

COTHM is also playing an effective role in spreading awareness about food safety in Pakistan. Gathering stakeholders of the industry at a platform and requesting them to follow the food safety standards is actually a service to humanity.

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