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Road & Story, CEOYasir Rasheed‘Road & Story is a romantic dream to see Pakistan on top’

Road & Story, CEO
Yasir Rasheed
‘Road & Story is a romantic dream to see Pakistan on top’

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world. Size of World Travel & Tourism Industry is $7,400 Billion. If Pakistan generates mere 1% share, we can earn $74 Billion annually.

by Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri

Tell us something about yourself.

I am a dynamic and adventurous man full of dreams and want to leave behind a legacy which people cherish when I am not around. I’ve worked for over 20 years in the corporate sector, working at the top positions. Striving to make this world a better place, I am running an NGO that educates the youth of Pakistan. I’m also serving as the Honorary Advisor for United Nations International Youth Council.

What urged you to launch “Road & Story” project?

After returning from trekking in Hunza in 2016, I was more than determined to share my passion and vision about tourism in Pakistan. I was all about sharing experiences and adventures in an authentic as well as sustainable manner. Road & Story was born with nothing other than my own credit cards. What was conceived in my mind is now taking the industry by storm. Envisioned to become Pakistan’s largest travel and tourism company, Road & Story is paving ways for a better Pakistan.

How can “Road & Story” contribute to uplift tourism in Pakistan?

Road & Story CEO Yasir Rasheed is bringing value to travel by empowering people experience authenticity and know the world differently by revolutionizing their journey through quality, innovative and socially responsible services. Along with this, our aim is to create authentic and eco-friendly travel experiences, develop our own quality resorts, provide authentic road maps, documentaries, e-tourism store, CSR. This will not only enhance the hospitality landscape of Pakistan but also create economic opportunities. Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world. The size of the World Travel & Tourism Industry is $7,400 Billion. If Pakistan generates a mere 1% share, we can earn $74 billion annually.

Through our unique booking portal and map, you can enhance your travel experience. We’ve mapped 10,000+ kms in the northern areas that cover different points of interests. We aim to make travelling easier, comfortable and user friendly.

Road & Story CEO Yasir Rasheed revolutionizes the travel industry of Pakistan like never before. Our online route maps contain information about all the famous tourist routes along with facilities available on the roadside. Our maps can be accessed offline too (in case some signal problem is faced) and contain information about fuel pumps, public toilets, restaurants, Tuck shops, auto workshops, mosques, pharmacies, clinics and everything that a tourist needs while on the go. We provide pictures and contact details of the facilities along with their location coordinates. This non-match-able service is free of cost for all the travellers.

We are a tourism venture that is first of its kind in the world – a one-stop-shop for all your tourism needs. From maps to information on tourist destinations to booking transport and rooms, we have it all covered for you. We are passionate people discovering a different world.

How can a layman relate to “Road & Story”?

People need to understand travel at a deeper level. With issues related to travel and tourism, we are attempting to provide value to anyone who is travelling. Road & Story as a one-stop tourism company is committed to helping people embrace the travel experience while helping them discover the essence of who they are. Our only goal is to bring you an authentic and life-changing travel experience. After all, if you are not experiencing life, are you even living? We believe that every road has a story, which you need to travel to unwind.

What are your future plans?

Road & Story CEO Yasir Rasheed aims to transform the travel and tourism industry of Pakistan by becoming a leader in authentic travel experience and working with a vision to put Pakistan on top of world’s tourism map and attract tourists from all over the world. Focusing on sustainable and ecological means only, our motive is to introduce the world’s best tourism practices in the country while promoting travel, culture, and history. Connected by our core values and belief in each other, we aspire to be the pioneers of sustainable tourism in Pakistan. R&S intends to facilitate tourists, vendors and all related parties to use technology to develop tourism in Pakistan.

Will you engage educated youth in this project? If yes, how?

Yes, youth is our future. Are you passionate about travel? Do you crave adventure? Are you someone who has a love for wanderlust? As Road & Story experiences growth, we are always on a lookout for enthusiastic people to join our team of wanderers. We’re building our dream team. If you answered yes, then you might be the one!

Any message for the readers?

I want our readers to develop the following:

1. Self-belief

2. Focus on personal passion

3. Numbers skills

4. Communication skills

5. Personal grooming

6. Positive mindset

A focus on these qualities is a must if we want to compete best in the world. Moreover, I would urge each and everyone to play their part in making this country and world a place worth living.

Lastly, I would like to purport that Road & Story is a romantic venture. It is romance with Pakistan, it is romance with its people and it is a romantic dream to see Pakistan on top. Please help us in achieving this dream.

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