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Safe tourist programme’ approved for Murree

Safe tourist programme’ approved for Murree


Before the start of the winter tourism season next month, an extensive tourist programme has been approved to ensure the complete safety of visiting families in Murree tourism and the adjacent Galiyat region.

Arrangements have been made under the programme for security, vehicle inspection, and 24-hour snow clearing work in the district, where standard “Tourism Services Rules” will also be regulated. Murree is also implementing Kaghan-style bylaws to promote Murree tourism.

Murree’s winter tourist season will begin in the first ten days of November and will peak from December 1 to February 28. From December 25 to February 28, snow enthusiasts flock to Murree in record numbers.

During the snowy season, the traffic police will not allow more than the specified number of vehicles to enter Murree, and no vehicle will be allowed to enter the district beyond 17 miles of the Toll Plaza beyond the number determined by the district administration and traffic police officers.

According to the Rawalpindi deputy commissioner’s report, Murree has a total of 215 small and large hotels, with approximately 150 local citizens renting out their houses and sitting areas. Under the tourism standard policy, hotels and guesthouses in Murree have a total accommodation capacity of 24,239 tourists.

The parking areas established in Murree have a legal capacity of 4,200 vehicles. The remaining vehicles are parked on the side of the road in adjacent alleyways, causing congestion.During the winter season, a uniformed civil defence force will be deployed to protect tourists from clashes in Murree.

The civil defence force, which will be made up of local youth, will also be equipped with walkie-talkies and batons.This force’s personnel will be deployed in different shifts in the city’s main markets. The force will be made up of 15 volunteer civil defence officers.

Another 50 traffic wardens will be sent to Murree to control traffic, and they will remain in the city for the duration of the season.

In Murree, the rent for rooms in hotels with and without heaters will be fixed. The hotel rates will be monitored throughout the season by Murree’s additional deputy commissioner.

 For monitoring fares, the special branch of police has been assigned special duties. These teams will collect fares information from hotel management in each hotel as well as from tourist families on a daily basis and submit their reports to the authorities. Food prices will be fixed in all Murree markets, and all forms of entertainment will have their own prices. These rates and fees will be displayed prominently in large letters on banners. The price list will be required at all entertainment venues, including hotels and food stalls.


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