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Travelers do not need passport to fly in Dubai

Travelers do not need passport to fly in Dubai

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With its new biometric technology, Dubai is modernising the travel process and making it more convenient for travelers to fly. Introduced by Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), the new biometric method does not require a passport or boarding permit at the city’s international airports.

The days of standing in line for hours and having to carry an ID or passport are long gone. Passengers can now travel smoothly through the terminal by simply displaying their face thanks to the new biometric system.

All expats, Emiratis, and visitors whose data has been registered with the GDRFA since 2019 are covered by this creative solution. For future travel, all biometric data has been saved in the GDRFA system, making the procedure quick and simple.

The new biometric system is only the most recent example of how Dubai is advancing aviation technology and making travel for travellers more convenient. Passengers can easily sit back, unwind, and enjoy their journey using the new system.

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